Computer & Network Services

IT Services

IT Support, Network, Tech support, Internet, Connectivity, Microsoft support, web design

At MikeTech , customer service is our top priority. Whether we are offering onsite, phone, or remote support our growing client list recognize our solid reputation for delivering professional service, and quality results. We make it our priority to prevent problems before they occur. However, when a problem arises MikeTech will be there for you day or night. Our quick response, expert troubleshooting, and the know how to fix the problem the first time is what our loyal customers appreciate the most. Our services include:

  • IT support for small and medium businesses
  • Enterprise Consulting
  • Network Design
  • Network Security
  • Tech Support
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Microsoft Product Support
  • System Integration
  • Custom Software Suuport
  • Web Design

Tech Solutions

We are a full service solution provider for businesses that do not have their own personnel (or limited personnel time) to effectively design, manage, and maintain their computer systems. We offer the ability to integrate strategic system design with timely and reliable service. We offer a wide range of business infrastructure consulting, implementation and support solutions for small, medium and the enterprise businesses.

  • Window 2012, 2008, 2003 Servers
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and 9x workstations
  • Exchange, Instant Messaging, Presence and Unified Communications
  • Active Directory consultation, implementations and conversions
  • SharePoint and Microsoft Office System implementations
  • Virtualization and server consolidation (Windows Hyper-V & VMware)
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • LAN/WAN design and implementation
  • SQL server upgrades and migrations
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Linux server operating systems
  • Automated workstation and application deployment
  • Remote access and mobile workforce solutions
  • Thin client computing – Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Proactive server and network monitoring and alerting
  • Web access management and content filtering
  • Virus, spam, and spyware removal and prevention
  • Data storage, backup and restoration solutions

Network Security

MikeTech’s expert staff provides a wide range of network security services in order to help businesses identify security vulnerabilities, defend against security attacks, and recover in the event of a security breakdown. APITS can assess security liabilities and risk level, and implement proven solutions in the following areas:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware administration and update.
  • Firewall & security review & administration.
  • Patch Management.
  • Security breach, unauthorized access & intruder mitigation
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), to identify fast-spreading threats, such as zero-day or zero-hour attacks.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to provide secure remote access.

We Protect Your Business From

  • Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
  • Spyware and adware.
  • Zero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacks.
  • Hacker attacks.
  • Denial of service attacks.
  • Data interception and theft.
  • Identity theft.


Looking to upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 10? Or maybe the newest version of Mac OS X? A new operating systems not only brings new features and usability, but also new security and performance features. The Operating System is the core software of your computer system and can a ordeal to install. Let us HELP YOU.

  • Install one operating system on a functioning drive
  • Install needed software or drivers
  • Install all critical updates
  • Configure for optimum performance
  • Test for proper functionality

Installing software can be tedious when dealing with “system minimum requirements” and incompatible hardware. Then comes the configuration and set up. Let our specialist at MikeTech get you on your feet with installing your new software program. We will even provide advice and best practices when it comes to your new software choice.

Our Software Install & Setup services include:

  • Verifying computer compatibility
  • Install software programs
  • Install necessary software updates
  • Create desktop, start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts
  • Test proper functionality of software


Computer running slow? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your RAM. Computer not starting up? That old dusty power supply may need replacement. Whether your computer hardware isn’t working or is under performing, let us help you with your next Hardware Install.

Our Hardware Install service includes:

  • Install one internal or external component such as a graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner
  • Install needed software or drivers
  • Install any updates essential to the new hardware
  • Configure for optimum performance
  • Test for proper functionality

Hardware Repair

From worn out fans to dead hard drives, one dead device on a computer can make your entire system inoperable! We’ll diagnose and repair/replace your faulty circuitry to get you back up and operational. Don’t let Geek Squad or other under trained technicians wrongly diagnose your computer hardware issues.

Part replacement & install may vary. Repairs to be quoted on diagnoses.

Memory(RAM) Install & Upgrade

Computer running slow? Newly installed software or operating system making your system creep by? As computers update more rapidly, and users are installing new software, your computer may be getting slower due to insufficient resources. Increasing RAM, or technically speaking “memory” can assisting in speeding up your day to day movements on your computer by allowing more data to be loaded much faster and efficiently.

Our Memory Install service includes:

  • Install RAM into one computer
  • Verify RAM is recognized in BIOS and operating system
  • Test device for proper functionality

Computer Setup

Getting you setup and started with your new computer can bring new zen to your life. We’ll immediately remove performance choking bloatware from your pc and get you set up with new system updates, anti-virus, and office software  to keep your secure, and productive.

 Our Computer Setup services include:

  • Physically setup and connect computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
  • Perform first time setup
  • Install critical system updates and set to automatically install future updates
  • Create user accounts (if applicable)
  • Optimize start-up and shutdown
  • Clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
  • Remove unwanted programs and trialware
  • Test network and internet connectivity on existing network
  • Set default web browser, homepage and search provider
  • Demonstrate basic functionality and answer questions
  • Install and update Internet security software
  • Install and configure apps/software programs (MS Office, Adobe Reader, etc.)
  • Setup email accounts (up to 2 accounts)
  • Install one hardware device (printer, external hard drive, video card, RAM, etc.)

Computer Tune-Up

Like a car, changing the oil, rotating the tires, are all important tasks to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Your computer deserves similar treatment. Let our specialists clean your system, inside and out. Removing old system temp files, unwanted software, and improving the speed is some of the tasks we complete to get you back to work.

Our Computer Tune-Up includes:

  • Diagnose performance problems and provide estimates for solutions
  • Optimize start-up and shutdown
  • Clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
  • Remove unwanted programs and trial software
  • Clean up registry and temporary files
  • Install critical system updates
  • Create user accounts (if applicable)
  • Activate existing security software (software and installation not included)
  • Remove dust from inside the computer including fans and components
  • Wipe down the exterior of the computer

Printer Support

Printers can be such a pain. Jamming, running out of ink, and most important, NOT working! Whether you’re printer is plugged into your or you’re wanting to print from across the home, we’re here to help. We can assist with getting you printing, scanning, and faxing in just one visit, whether your printer is new or old.

Our Printer Setup or Troubleshooting service includes:

  • Setup and configure or troubleshoot one printer
  • Install needed software and updates
  • Test device for proper functionality
  • Answer questions you have about the printer features and functions

Data Managment

Data Recovery

Deleted that important business presentation? Or that thesis paper you’ve been working on for over 3 months? Stop what you’re doing an immediately call Corona PC Repair before your data is lost forever. Chances are, your files ARE recoverable and through our data recovery and hard drive restoration process, chances are we can save your information.

Drive Diagnostics Fee – Diagnose whether the data that was lost is recoverable.

Basic Recovery Fee – Recover files that were accidentally deleted from a working drive.

Advanced Recovery – Recover files from a formatted or failing drive that requires advanced recovery methods or a custom recovery solution.

Data Backup or Transfer

Admit it! There’s been a time where you’ve lost that important presentation or folder of family photos. If not, prevent it before it happens to you. Statistically speaking, about 20% spinning hard drives die within their first year of use. Losing a year, 5 years, or even 10 years worth of photos or financial documents can be devastating. Simple backups can put you at peace knowing that your data is safe in more than one place. Let us back up and/or transfer your data to a safer, more redundant place.

Our Data Backup & Transfer services include:

  • Backup or transfer your data from one device to another (can be a computer or an external hard drive)
  • Install manufacturer’s software and configure automated back-ups if data is backed up to an external device
  • Create a DVD of up to 9.4 GB of your backup data
  • Additional fee for data over 20 GB (starting up $80)
  • Optional Online Data Backup Set Up ($5.99 /mo)

Virus & Spyware Removal

Pop-ups, spam, spyware, adware, virus oh my! It may seem that using a computer in this day of age can be quite scary. With reports of credit card numbers being stolen from major retailers and social security numbers being sold on the black market, it can make a person not want to even TOUCH a computer. Let alone the internet. This is in fact many ways you can protect your self though! Precautionary measures like firewalls, anti-virus, and pop-blocker can not only save you from a slow computer, but they can save your identity!

Our Virus & Spyware Removal services include:

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot one computer using state of the art software & tools
  • Provide an estimated cost for any additional repair(s) or upgrade(s) needed to provide a complete solution
  • Remove all viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware(as well as Ads)
  • Repair operating system issues including boot issues and blue screens
  • Optimize start-up and shutdown
  • Clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
  • Clean up registry and temporary files
  • Install critical system updates & security patches
  • Test for proper functionality

Email Setup

Staying connected via email is crucial in the 21st century. Whether you’re paying your utility bills, or answering & receiving emails for work, getting setup and configured with an email account is important. Let us help you stay in the know.

Email Setup services include:

  • Create email accounts
  • Install and configure a 3rd party email application (if applicable)
  • Transfer data from one email software application to another if necessary


Save the holes in the wall and cabling costs and switch to wireless internet! We guarantee to get you online fast while keeping your network secure and reliable. Our technicians promise to help keep your personal information safe from prying eyes.

Our Wireless Networking services include:

  • Physically setup and configure network settings for 1 router
  • Complete ISP (Internet service provider) setup and connect router to modem
  • Update router firmware
  • Give network a unique name (SSID)
  • Enable wireless encryption on network to safeguard your personal information and secure your broadband signal from use by others
  • Change administrator username and password
  • Enable devices to share the Internet, files, printers and other media (including photos, videos and music)
  • Connect two networkable devices to the network (including network-enabled computers, gaming consoles, Blu-ray/DVD players, televisions and more)
  • Test and repair network and internet connectivity (if needed)